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I’m helping Auntie Lainei write her Christmas cards, I want that one, (and he got it).


Ziggy the Dog from TV

Rest Assured meets Victoria Stilwell, as seen on tv! Elaine and Ziggy were invited on the show, "It's me or the Dog", to be the good guys, Ziggy was a star for a day.


Yes, we know we are beautiful and very photogenic but can we have lunch please, that is what you are here for isn't it?

Cat Sitting

More logs please - Purrfect! Zzzzzzz


Who else but Rest Assured could you trust to look after your home and peacock? Jim and Elaine love pets of all shapes and sizes and quickly learn how to look after any new species.

Dogs Picnic

Lia, Todd and Pugg enjoyed their picnic before the long walk home. One of Jim and Elaine's hobbies is hiking, so long walks in the countryside are on the agenda when they are caring for dogs.


Just what 'pets' will Rest Assured be asked to look after next? Whatever it is, I bet they won't pose for Elaine so willingly.



We know what they do with our coats when they shave us - But just what does Jim think he is going to do with that?


Who needs a television when there are marine fish to watch?

We are posing for a family portrait, actually the old boy is having a cat nap and we’re planning our next naughty move.

Pet Dog

Enter at your peril. I'm rather full at the moment, can you come back tomorrow. Not likely with Rest Assured here to keep an eye on things while I'm busy.

Elaine Pet Sitting

It’s only the best for me with my royal connections. Button doesn’t like eating alone, so Elaine joins her for breakfast before going for their morning walk. Jim is taking good care of the family jewels.


When their owners went on holiday, Hannah and Hattie are happy to be left at home with Jim and Elaine to look after their every need, while their owners enjoyed their holiday knowing that their home was secure too.

Dog House

In the dog house? I don't think so. OK, I threw up a few times in Elaine's car and kept her on her toes - But hey, that's my job, I'm a puppy!                                              

Cat Sitter

When asked, 10 out of 10 cats said they purrfer to stay at home for Christmas.
In fact at anytime. Sadly the other nine we asked were in the cattery.

Cat and Dog

Mmm, this chicken is tasty, what has Santa brought you?


Dog Sitters

Are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Once upon a time there were six good boys...


There’s nothing like having Sunday lunch together with the family at home sweet home.


Is that my dinner you’re eating? You wait; when I get out of here you’ll be cat food, (only joking).


Feeding time for the goats. They love a good scratch between their horns but be careful another one isn’t coming up from the rear! Rest Assured love to care for all types of pets.

Hello, who’s a pretty boy then? Rest Assured care for birds as well as cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, donkeys, goats etc etc etc.

Pet Sitting

This chair ain’t big enough for the both of us. Never mind, Jim will soon be making sure my home is secure for the night so my sleep won’t be disturbed by intruders.

Tigger the Dog

Tigger was delighted to be in the care of Rest Assured for Christmas, and even joined in the fun of pulling the crackers. It was just a shame the hat didn't fit!


I don’t want to go out in the cold. I didn’t think she’d notice me; I was trying to blend in with the blanket.


Ha ha ha, that was so funny I fell over laughing, can I have a tickle tum while I’m down here.


Rest Assured Home and Pet Care are happy to be hen pecked for the reward of fresh eggs for breakfast.


Come on it’s stopped raining, hurry up we are ready to go - promise we’ll keep out of the puddles and mud but if we don’t quite manage to we know you’ll be happy to clean up after us.



Unacceptable Standards

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