Services & Tariff

Home and Pet Sitting

On the day of your departure your appointed representative, whom you will previously have met, will arrive at the time stipulated by you.

Prior to your booking you will be provided with care forms to ensure the smooth running of your home and care of your pets. You may feel that some of the information is unnecessary but we like to cover all eventualities.

During our stay in your home we will only leave for a short period of time, (up to four hours), during daylight. Occasionally it may be necessary to pop out after dark, especially during the winter months. This is in addition to the time walking dogs.

We will take your dogs for their normal walks and they will sleep in their favoured place along with any cats that like the comfort of a large bed. If a dog likes the car, he/she could be spoilt rotten and have special days out to new places.

While house/pet sitting we will undertake light domestic and garden chores to keep your property tidy during your absence and you will come back not knowing we have been living in your home.

Bedding will also be removed and washed as part of our extensive service (depending on your arrival time home).

We keep areas of your home that we use to a minimum and any equipment used for our domestic needs will be left clean and used to a minimum.

Perishables left in a fridge will be used or disposed of, ensuring you do not come back to nasty smells and the task of checking the dates. This doesn't apply if you are away for just a night or two.

As a rule, we leave bread and milk for your return, if you would like more provisions this can be arranged.

On the day of your return, the housesitter will leave at the time previously arranged. If there are any delays on your journey the housesitter will endeavour to await your return.


Unoccupied or Empty House Security

This service is ideal when houses will be uninhabited for a long length of time and susceptible to unwelcome intruders, (burglars or squatters). There is also the worry of damage caused by weather conditions or escape of water.

We undertake light domestic and garden chores which in itself discourage trespassers along with the movement of vehicles and refuse bins etc.



We must insist that all dogs in our care wear a collar and tag with your name and address attached plus ideally your phone number. Dog wardens can enforce this law and fines of up to £5000 can be given by the Courts for an offence. As the dog would be in our charge we are, by law, deemed to be committing the offence.


Microchips becomes law from April 2016. We will need to see a copy of the certificate.


Our Tariff

Home and Pet Sitting:-

  • £46.00*  for a 24 hour period, e.g. 12 noon to 12 noon
  • Early arrival supplement (earlier than 8am): £20.00
  • Late departure supplement (later than 10pm): £20.00
  • Additional hours (over 24 hour period): £2.50 per hour
  • Supplement due if sitter cannot take their four hours off: £2.00 per hour
  • Travel Allowance: £0.45 per mile
  • The only Bank Holidays to have a supplement are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day of £50.00 each

*As there is more work involved with multi pet households we do have to charge a little extra in some circumstances. We do not charge for fish, or one guinea pig, rabbit etc.

No one likes a complicated pricing structure and we appreciate that people do not like hidden charges, hopefully this has been achieved!

Unoccupied or Empty House Security:-

Price to be discussed

If the property is unfurnished we provide our own home comforts but a budget will be required to supply the basics.

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